Born and brought up in Dumfries and Galloway, photography has not always been a big part of my life, however being surrounded by beautiful farmland and undulating hills, I have always appreciated the landscapes around me.

My interest in landscape photography began in 2005 and has evolved through opportunistic snapshots to more carefully planned images. My photographic journey has taken me to Iceland, New Zealand (where I spent 16 months) and China. Now living in Inverness, where I work full time in the NHS, I am perfectly placed to explore the Highlands of Scotland.


Since the onset of solar cycle 24 auroral activity has increased with regular visible displays in northern Scotland. From an interest to a minor (healthy) obsession, I have been following the solar cycle and trying to document the night-time drama in recognisable Scottish locations.


I work primarily with a Sony A7RII with a mixture of E-mount and A-mount lenses. Other important pieces of kit include graduated ND filters to balance the exposure, a circular polariser to selectively filter out unwanted light, and a tripod to ensure my images are sharp.

The kite work was done with a 5MP compact suspended from a sutton flowform 16 kite.


Currently prints are not for sale, but please contact me with and queries. I hope you enjoy the work here.