Born and brought up in Dumfries and Galloway, photography has not always been a bit part of my life however being surrounded by beautiful farmland and undulating hills I have always appreciated the landscapes around me.

In summer 2003 I went to visit my sister in Ecuador. I didn't own a camera and thought before I left - it doesn't matter I can just use my new camera phone (640x480, plastic lens, one focus fits all). As expected, I had a cracking time and saw lots of amazing scenes. I thought my shots were great at the time and was really excited about getting back and showing everyone. Unfortunately it only stored about 20 photos and what was worse the battery went flat before I could use them all up. When I finally uploaded them it was only to disappointment. To rub salt in the wound, a friend Emma I was working with got out her Ecuador album which was absolutely packed full of amazing shots.
I finally bought a proper digital camera in 2004 - and in 2005 after I uploaded my first photos to flickr I was hooked! Flickr has been a a great way of gauging if a photo works or not, and getting to see how others have done it (better usually!).


The long dark winters in Aberdeen, Scotland, have made it difficult for me to get out and take conventional photographs. Since the onset of solar cycle 24 auroral activity has increased with visible displays in north east Scotland on a number of occasions. From being interested initially to now being completely obsessed, I intend to follow the solar cycle and hopefully capture some worthy images of the northern lights.
I also intend on sharing some of my experiences here over the next couple of months.


I work with an SLR having recently moved to full frame with lenses spanning focal lengths from 16 to 300mm.
Other important pieces of kit include ND filters to balance the exposure, a circular polariser to selectively filter out unwanted light, and a study tripod to ensure my images are sharp.

My kite work was done with a 5MP compact attached to a sutton flowform 16 kite.



and you can see those superb Ecuador shots here:-